Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga – easy on the wrists and shoulders

Join Claire for this 30-Minute Gentle Yoga practice. Gentle doesn’t necessarily mean easy, however, this practice will be focused on standing and floor poses to give the wrists and shoulders a rest. We will use them a little as we move through tabletop and lizard pose, but the majority of ...
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Power Vinyasa crescent lunge

30-Minute Power Vinyasa Yoga Flow

Join me for this 30-Minute Power Vinyasa Yoga Flow. It’ll warm you up from the inside and help to build strength and flexibility in the body. There is a focus on Anjaneyasana (crescent lunge) and core strengthening poses. Yu’ll just need your mat and maybe a block if you like ...
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restorative yoga

Restorative Yoga – Rest

This deeply relaxing practice uses props to help melt away tension and gently open up the body. You will need a bolster, a blanket (or 2), and 2 blocks. They are a great investment for your yoga practice, however, if you don’t have them you can sub couch cushions or ...
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Kids yoga big emotions

Kids yoga for big emotions

Yoga for the kiddos! Join us for this short practice that includes a beautiful meditation at the end that can help kids deal with big emotions ...
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Vinyasa flow

30-Minute Vinyasa

This 30-Minute Vinyasa flow will help to get some energy flowing through your body with conscious breath to movement. It’ll build some heat and then have you feeling all blissed out by the end. You’ll just need your yoga mat and a block of you like ...
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Blue rope on deck

Benefits of a strong core – it’s not all about the booty!

The booty has had a lot of attention lately as the thing to build up and bust out! But let’s not forget about our core! There are so many benefits of having a strong core and loads of exercises you can do to get it stronger. And it doesn’t take ...
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fitness challenge

10-day fitness challenge roundup

You might have noticed we love a good challenge here at Free Spirited Sisters. It’s character building! Especially a fitness related one! So we’ve done a little round up of our 10-day Fitness Challenges and put them all in one place. They’re easy and convenient to fit into your day, ...
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Fitness class sweat

Move Review: Body Attack – it’ll make you sweat!

Do you love a good high intensity workout? Some would say HELL NO but I think there are some of you out there who love them, like me! Call me crazy but I enjoy pushing myself for the duration of a fitness class, zoning out and getting out all the ...
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Running shoes fall in love with exercise

5 ways to fall in love with exercise again – when you’re out of the groove

We all know that exercise is really important to our overall wellbeing. There are so many benefits, including giving our mental and physical health a boost (read more about that here!). But what if we fall out of love with it? Things change. Our circumstances change and exercise might not ...
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Yoga mat cleaner

Essential oils to power up your workout

Essential oils for exercise Using essential oils for working out is a great way to get that extra boost, help you relax into a deep stretch or just straight up get you off the couch and to your workout, naturally! There are lots of ways to use them, both before ...
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Neon glow sticks clubbercise

Move review: Clubbercise

Picture this: you’re in a dark room with disco lights, holding a glow stick and singing your heart out to club anthems. No you’re not in the middle of town at 3am with sore feet wondering how you’re going to get home. You’re in a Clubbersise class! I tried it ...
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Fitness tracker watch

Fitness trackers – worth it?

This post contains affiliate links and we may be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on them – thanks! Fitness trackers come in all shapes and sizes these days and can get pretty detailed for specific types of training. There are accessories for heart rate monitoring, waterproof options ...
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4 Types of Exercise Free Spirited Sisters

The 4 types of exercise and why you need them all!

Exercise has always been a big part of my life. I’m one of those people that actually really enjoys it and I genuinely feel the benefit of it both physically and mentally. Recently, I had a break from doing structured exercise because I reached a bit of a plateau and ...
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Bridge Free Spirited Sisters

10-day Fire-Up Challenge

Ok so sometimes we all get into an exercise rut. Either from doing the same kind of thing for a long time and reaching a bit of a plateau, or having had a break from exercise and in need of a kick up the backside to get back into it! ...
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Situp Free Spirited Sisters

10-Day Core Four Challenge

Who’s ready to strengthen their core? Us! And we hope you can join in too! This 10-Day challenge is really easy to fit in to your schedule, starting with a couple of minutes a day and building up reps until Day 10. There are 4 exercises that are all floor-based ...
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Power pins challenge!

The deal Ok, you guys, we have 10 days to get some power in your pins! Let’s start to get your legs strong and toned and after the 10 days try adding in another leg workout like this one or this one. We’ll be doing some lunges, leg lifts and ...
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Cleaning fit free spirited sisters

House cleaning workout

House cleaning with a workout twist Ok, my friends, let’s be real. We have to clean the house and it’s not the most fun job in the world. We can choose to hate on it or turn it into something positive, and shock horror, maybe a little fun. How about ...
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Tricep Dip start Free Spirited Sisters

Sisters in Arms Challenge

Join us for this 10-day arm workout challenge, and be sisters in arms! We’ve put together a fun workout for your guns that increases in reps over the length of the challenge. It’s easy to fit into your busy schedule, taking just a couple of minutes a day. Sometimes even ...
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Core workout Free Spirited Sisters

Abs of steel challenge!

We have another challenge for you!!! This time we have 10 days to start a journey to abs of steel! Check out the challenge below and join us on Facebook and Instagram as we heat up your core and fire up those abs. Let’s do this! Down dog core power ...
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Jun Squat Free Spirited Sisters

Legs 11 Challenge

Ok here we go with another amazing fitness challenge! We do love these (if you hadn’t noticed!) because they are so easy to fit into your day and if you stick with them for the 10 days, you start to feel a difference. Give the exercises a try and feel ...
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Tricep dips arm workout Free Spirited Sisters

Arm workout challenge – sun’s out, guns out

Alright, folks, the sun is out in Oz and it’s trying in Cali, so let’s get those Madonna arms happening with this 10-day sun’s out, guns out arm workout challenge. You’ll need some light hand weights for a couple of the exercises. If you don’t have weights, get creative and ...
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Ripped Abs Challenge Free Spirited Sisters

10-Day Ripped Abs Challenge

Are you ready for another challenge?! We just love a fun fitness challenge here at FSS and thought this time we’ll focus on the core. Think ripped abs that you could eat your dinner off of.. well a good start anyways!! Like our other challenges, there are 4 exercises with ...
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Guns, buns and core challenge!

Guns, buns, core A friend and I just completed a 30-day plank challenge that worked us up to 5 minutes of planking. When we looked at the program I don’t think we really believed we could plank for 5 minutes, but we did, and it feels like an awesome accomplishment! ...
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Squat Free Spirited Sisters

10-Day Legs and Booty Challenge

Want to firm up your legs and behind? We’ve put together a 10-day guide with 4 simple exercises that target your glutes, hips and thighs. The reps increase every few days, starting at 10, up to 30 by day 10. It only takes around 1-3 minutes per day so is ...
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Skater left leg Free Spirited Sisters

HIIT – Routine 2

I hope you enjoyed the introduction to HIIT and Routine 1 and have got a feel for how it works. HIIT – Routine 2 is a combination of another 5 high-intensity exercises that you repeat 3-4 times. Each exercise is performed for a 45 second interval, followed by a 15 ...
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Full Plank Free Spirited Sisters

Plank Challenge – 10 Days to Core Strength

Are you ready for a challenge? Can you spare 1-2 minutes a day for the next 10 days to plank like a pro and increase your core strength? If you’re struggling to fit in structured exercise, then this could be your saviour. Sometimes small steps can make a difference and ...
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HIIT jump Free Spirited Sisters

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) Routine 1

High-Intensity Interval Training or HIIT has become really popular over the past few years and is a great way to get moving. It’s a quick intense workout that involves doing an interval of high-intensity exercise, followed by a short rest interval, and repeated for a number of sets. Why I ...
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Free Spirited Sisters You've just gotta move fitness

You’ve just gotta MOVE!

Moving your body is so important for overall health. Our bodies are made to move and they just work better when we do! Regular exercise gives you more energy, improves your mood, helps you sleep better and maintains your weight. I have had a long-time passion for being active and ...
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