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Glow review: Light Fusion Photo Facial at Revive Skin Emporium

My birthday was last week and a few days prior, I thought about what I wanted to do. I could let it pass without any thought and mutter ‘oh it’s just another year’ or I can make it a day filled with all the things that light me up! Why ...
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Clean beauty gift guide

Clean beauty gift guide 2018

Gifts, gifts, gifts! Gift giving season is here and our clean beauty gift guide for 2018 is too! I won’t lie, I absolutely love buying gifts for people. I love researching what they might like and coming up with new ways to help them glow with happiness. It just brings ...
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CBD oil benefits

CBD oil benefits – a skincare high?

Photo by Alexandre Chambon on Unsplash If you’re even somewhat interested in wellness, you’ve probably heard of CBD oil somewhere along the way. I was aware of it but hadn’t taken the time to learn about CBD oil benefits. I was particularly interested in the dermatological benefits, after receiving a sample ...
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clean makeup natural Free Spirited Sisters

Bold lips – organic and good for the earth style!

Get your pout out I’ll admit, I don’t wear lipstick often. I quite like my lip color and usually just throw on a little natural chapstick and head out the door. I actually thought wearing lipstick was a bit fancy for my everyday uniform of athleisure wear. Buuuut, recently I ...
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Essential oils doterra free spirited sisters

Essential oils – oily essentials

Thanks to doTerra and a few other brands, you’ve probably heard of essential oils. A lot of people use them regularly and enjoy the benefits, from the gorgeous aromas positively affecting your mood to the oils getting deep into your body and effecting change at a cellular level. Whatever level ...
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Good skin starts on the inside Free Spirited Sisters

What’s the source of good skin? It’s an inside job

You would have heard it before, our skin is the largest organ in our bodies. So it’s a pretty good indicator of how we treat the rest of our body and something we want to consciously look after. I know I feel super-confident when my skin is looking and feeling ...
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The Organic Skin Co

We discovered The Organic Skin Co recently and fell in love. All of their products are over 70% organic and they list the natural and organic percentage of each of their products. They are not tested on animals, are all vegan and gluten-free too. They use supercritical extraction to get ...
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Free Spirited Sisters clean makeup

Fave Find: Inika Vegan Mascara Long Lash

Inika is one of the companies I had the pleasure of connecting with at the Indie Beauty Expo in LA earlier this year. They are an Australian company, certified organic, 100% vegan and cruelty-free, so they get a big tick in my book! They are committed to a clean makeup philosophy ...
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Body Brushing Free Spirited Sisters

Body Brushing: exfoliate and detoxify

It has always amazed me that our skin is the biggest organ in the body. So it’s pretty important that we look after it. Dry body brushing is a great tool in detoxifying the skin by moving excess lymphatic fluid to our lymph nodes. It’s a lovely self-care ritual to ...
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Pedicure Free Spirited Sisters

7 Steps to the Perfect Pedicure at Home

Anyone who knows me, may know that I have seriously dry feet and heels. I got it from my Papa! (love you Dad!). And it’s definitely helped along by the amount I wear thongs (flip-flops) and that I have my feet in salt water or sand a lot of the ...
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fave find of the week Free Spirited Sisters

Fave find of the week: Modere deodorant

This week’s find! This week we’re highlighting Modere deodorant, a clean, non-toxic option that is safe for the whole family. With a natural scent that is suitable for men and women, it is as versatile as it is effective. The formula keeps you smelling and feeling fresh all day, using ...
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Natural deodorants free spirited sisters

Natural deodorants – without the stink

Why natural deodorants? Just as we mentioned in our post, The Clean Beauty Revolution is Here, some cosmetics contain nasties that could be doing your body harm. Deodorants are no different. Traditional antiperspirants and deodorants contain harmful agents such as Aluminum, parabens (can affect hormones), Propylene Glycol (skin irritant), triclosan ...
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Natural beauty Free Spirited Sisters

Coffee body scrub

Coffee, coffee, coffee We definitely love our coffee around here! With its obvious benefit of brightening our mornings, it’s a daily friend and wonderful ritual. I love to practice mindful eating (or drinking) and savor those delicious sips. But there is more to coffee than just the morning cup. A ...
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Chemical vs Physical sunscreens Free Spirited Sisters

Chemical vs Physical Sunscreen: what’s the difference?

Growing up in Australia, you are well aware of how powerful the sun can be. We were always in the sun as kids and it wasn’t really a priority to be sun-smart like it is now. It wasn’t until the (very catchy!) Slip Slop Slap campaign came along that it ...
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sunscreen natural Free Spirited Sisters

Fave Find: Modere Sunscreen

Fave find of the week! There are quite a few natural sunscreens on the market, so it can be tricky to know where to start. We like Modere because of their stance on what they leave out of their products. You just know you’re getting a clean, non-toxic product that’s ...
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non toxic hair care Free Spirited Sisters

Clean hair, oh yeah!

Clean hair? We all know how important clean, non-toxic beauty products are (find out more here), and I have done a great job cleaning up the products I use on my face and body, including my hair care. But a little while back, I decided to go super blonde which ...
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Indie Beauty Expo Free Spirited Sisters

Indie Beauty Expo – clean beauty for days!

Doing my research for you guys! There is no doubt that the non-toxic/clean/natural beauty movement is gaining major traction. (If you’d like to know more about why you should choose non-toxic skincare and makeup, check out our article here.) Mainstream department stores are now carrying natural brands and events like ...
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Holiday makeup tutorial

Holiday Makeup – get your fancy face on!

I am a true girly girl. I love getting dressed up, doing my hair and putting on makeup, especially fancy holiday makeup! Though 5-minute makeup is great for every day, I really do enjoy spending a bit of time getting a “going out” face on. I always start with a ...
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Clean Beauty natural organic Free Spirited Sisters

The Clean Beauty Revolution is Here!

The clean beauty revolution is here! I may be a little late to the party, but I’m definitely on board! There is a lot to clean beauty and why it's important to be aware of what is in your cosmetics. There is so much to it, that to put all ...
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5 minute makeup products quick makeup routine

5-minute makeup – it can be done!

As past-life office dwellers and busy moms/mums of school-aged kids, we know how hectic mornings (for anyone) can be! Nowadays, we still want to look polished, but without the kiddos getting tardy notes from the office, so we have finely tuned our 5-minute makeup routines. We’re both working toward replacing ...
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