Real wellness change – what does it take?

Wellness Behavior changeOne of the major components of our Restore Wellness Program is mindset. When we have our minds focused on what we are doing in a positive way, the results are more likely to be positive, and the process becomes more enjoyable. When we’re able to attribute positive emotions to a process the chance of success is higher.

We firmly believe wellness success comes from having a growth mindset. A growth mindset understands that our abilities are not fixed (eg. “I can’t eat healthily”), rather that they can be developed with dedicated effort (eg. “I can eat healthier one choice at a time”). As Katie explained in our earlier post, people with a growth mindset see failure as an opportunity for development and thrive on challenges. Let’s see how a growth mindset plays into wellness change.

To improve our wellness we must first believe that change is possible; that we are, in fact, capable of changing our behaviors. With a fixed mindset, it’s hard to imagine that our behavior can change; “I was just made this way”, “this is just who I am”, “doing xyz is so hard” etc. Working from a growth mindset we understand that although challenging, behavior change is possible if we put forth effort and commitment and learn and develop new skill sets.

We do this via the small choices we make every day. When we practice making those small choices they add up to big change. Flexing the choice muscle over and over again leads to strength in making decisions that are good for our overall wellness, and it gets easier to make them. Bringing intention to any kind of wellness program isn’t enough. Intention needs to be activated through action and behavior – through each small choice. An example during the 10-day jumpstart portion of the Restore Wellness Program would be choosing herbal tea in the morning in place of your coffee, or reaching for the cut up veggies or fruit for your snack instead of something processed.

Consider the following attributes of someone with a growth mindset (according to

They are not afraid to fail/ They view mistakes as opportunities/ They know progress takes time

Too often we view a detox program or a diet as a pass-fail rather than a process of learning and discovery. Yes, it’s wonderful to see results at the end, but sometimes the result is learning more about ourselves and our triggers and tendencies. We can use this knowledge and apply it for future, long-reaching success. It’s harder to see, but arguably much more important if we want to make actual lifestyle changes.

They ask for help/ They love learning/ They get inspired by others

We aren’t meant to have all the answers all by ourselves. We each have different skill sets and strengths and these are meant to be shared with each other. When we take the time to put our egos aside, get vulnerable and ask for help we can find joy in learning from others. Sometimes looking out instead of in allows a bigger picture we didn’t see before. New information gets new results. New inspiration brings a wider range of life to our doorstep.

They love new challenges/ They put forth effort/ They keep trying until they succeed.

Trying something outside our comfort zone is challenging, but necessary to make effective lifestyle changes. We have to take the first step, then keep taking them until we’re happy with the results. You are the only one that can do it for you.

They learn from feedback

Take the time, and be open to hearing honest feedback on your journey. Sometimes it takes someone calling us out to be able to see something we hadn’t before. Then we get to move forward with new skills and new success.

Wellness is something you cultivate. It takes time, it’s a process.

By committing to a growth mindset we are able to focus on the process, not only the results. Keep showing up in the small choices. Start with a goal of not quitting and follow the plan. We are defined by our everyday habits, not a one-off result. Rather than commit your success to a number on a scale, find it in how you feel when your small choices have become a habit, and notice how that habit makes you feel.

For those of us joining in the Restore Wellness Program, use the 10-day tracker and at the end of the jumpstart go back and look at every small good choice you made that added up to new habits. It’s those habits – the continued process – that will cause the biggest change over time. And it will be a lasting lifestyle change, not a quick fix.

We truly want lasting wellness lifestyle change for everyone and would love to be a part of your journey. Get in touch if we can help at [email protected]