Restore Wellness Program – it’s time to RESTORE!

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We are beyond excited to launch our new Restore Wellness Program!

The Restore Wellness Program is a support and education-fuelled program that can be done by anyone. It’s a fun and effective four-month restoration to wellness program with a 10-day jumpstart that will have you feeling amazing and ready to commit to being the best version of you. It’s a time of learning new healthy habits that will be of benefit for years to come. We believe a holistic approach to wellness is important and focus on nutrition, mindset, movement and self-care in the program.

The Restore Wellness Program grew from the Shred 10 Program which was developed in conjunction with Dr Mitra Ray, Ph.D., a Stanford-educated cellular biologist. Dr Ray has worked in the area of degenerative diseases and her research has been funded by the National Institute of Health, The American Cancer Society and an Alzheimer’s research grant.

During the 10-day jumpstart, you will say “no thanks” to certain foods and habits that aren’t serving you and “yes please” to cleaner living and flooding your body with whole-food nutrition. There are simple guidelines to follow for the 10-day jumpstart and beyond and no calorie counting or food deprivation.

The products incorporated into the program make sense. They are simply fruits, vegetables, and berries in capsules and plant-based protein (and they’re vegan-friendly!). There are over 30 clinical studies published in reputable peer-reviewed medical journals that show how they are beneficial to the human body.

The program is affordable, with multiple packages of capsules and protein to choose from – containing over 45 different fruit, vegetables, and berries. All of the other resources, educational tools, and support are complimentary with the program and are housed in a member-only portal on this site for easy access any time.

Our first program is starting May 28, with final places required by May 20. Contact us to get started and let’s work together to get you restored to wellness!

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Claire and Katie xx