Glow review: Light Fusion Photo Facial at Revive Skin Emporium

teacup and flowers

My birthday was last week and a few days prior, I thought about what I wanted to do. I could let it pass without any thought and mutter ‘oh it’s just another year’ or I can make it a day filled with all the things that light me up! Why not right?! In the past my martyr, undeserving self would have done the contrary. But not this year! So once I dropped the kids at school (after lots of birthday hugs) I had an absolutely blissful facial, met my beautiful friends for lunch at an organic cafĂ©, and went for a stroll on the beach before picking the kids up. I decided not to do any housework or business for the day. A little bit of business crept in but honestly, I love it so much it doesn’t feel like work! Anyway back to the facial. It was AMAZING! I literally floated out of Revive Skin Emporium with a smile on my dial and glowing skin. Here’s a little bit about my experience.

Revive Skin Emporium

I was recommended this beautiful clinic by a friend. It’s on Oxford Street in Mt Hawthorn, Perth WA. I walked into their gorgeous entrance (seriously in love with the wallpaper!) and felt instantly welcomed. My aesthetician, Michelle was so friendly and professional and gave me a skin consultation in the beautiful chill-out area. They offer treatments using premium, high-end professional products ranging from relaxation packages, massage, pregnancy treatments, hydrotherapy steam and spa, IPL skin rejuvenation and IPL hair removal, to name a few. I had the Light Fusion Photo Facial (more about that below) with Hydropeptide products. I’ve actually been using these products for a while now and love them! They are paraben and phthalate free and not tested on animals.

Inside outside balance

We all know that environmental factors like diet and lifestyle can influence our skin health. What we put into our bodies is so important. Luckily we have our fave plant capsules to cover that! But we can also use topical ingredients, like peptides, to help our skin. Peptides are tiny protein fragments (or small chains of amino acids) that increase cellular communication within the skin. They encourage collagen production to plump and neuropeptides to help soften wrinkles. Like in our bodies, oxidative stress occurs and free radicals speed up cellular damage which causes premature aging. Antioxidants provide protection to fight free radicals.

Light Fusion

My Light Fusion Photo Facial started with a cleansing gel and shoulder, neck and decolletage massage. This was followed by an exfoliating cleanser and a Vitamin C Crystal Peel (this polishes and plumps). Then the Miracle Mask was put on and the light placed on my face. I had to laugh when I saw myself but knowing it’s a non-invasive way to get softer, smoother, more vibrant skin, it doesn’t matter what you look like! The light fusion enhances absorption of ingredients in the hydrogel mask and delivers tighter, firmer, radiant skin. This is due to increased blood flow, tissue oxygenation and increased cellular activity. It lasts several months but it is recommended to have 4 treatments to improve firmness, elasticity and help with pigmentation issues. Like anything, maintenance is key!

Relaxed and rejuvenated

While the light was on, I was treated to a beautiful hand and arm massage. That was followed by a foot massage while the next mask was on. My facial was finished with a soothing balm, power serum and eye cream. I was in heaven! I literally floated out into the chill-out area and enjoyed a cup of lemon and ginger tea. You know when you have a really good treatment that ticks all the boxes? That’s what I had. Thank you Revive Skin Emporium for this beautiful experience, I will be back for sure. And beautiful readers, do yourself a favour and treat yourself. You deserve it!



K x