11 minute chakra balancing meditation – get aligned

Chakra balancing meditationWe love us some meditation! This chakra balancing meditation is a beautiful way to balance energy within the body and help you feel aligned throughout your day. We always feel much more balanced and just generally happier when we meditate regularly. But, we also understand that some people are hesitant to try meditation because they believe their mind to be too busy.

Meditation is not about scolding your mind into being quiet. It’s about embracing the thoughts and gently putting them aside for later. It is a practice, and just like practicing most things, it gets easier with time.

For beginners, a guided meditation is often easier, so we thought it was about time we gave you one! However, if chakras are a bit too woo woo for you, try one of these instead:

5-minute body scan meditation

10-minute mindfulness meditation

Breathwork meditation

And for the kiddos at bedtime, this Special Place Meditation.

What are chakras, and why do we want them aligned anyway?

Energy, also called prana or life force, flows in channels throughout our bodies. Chakras are energy centers along those channels. There are seven that run through the body along the spine and they relate to different areas and functions within our bodies. Chakra is literally translated as wheel, and you can visualize chakras as wheels of energy along the channels in the body.

If these energy centers (chakras) get blocked, the flow of energy is impeded and causes imbalance, discomfort, and illness.

The rundown

The seven chakras:

  1. The Root Chakra
    • Feeling grounded and secure
    • Location: base of the spine
  2. The Sacral Chakra
    • Personal relationships,  connection, creativity, and sexual energy
    • Location: between the pubic bone and bellybutton
  3. Solar Plexus Chakra
    • Personal power, confidence, and self-esteem
    • Location: 2 inches above the belly button
  4. Heart Chakra
    • Love, love, love, and compassion
    • Location: center of the chest
  5. Throat Chakra
    • Communication, especially one’s inner truth
    • Location: throat
  6. Third Eye Chakra
    • Intuition and seeing the wider picture
    • Location: Between the eyebrows
  7. Crown Chakra
    • Spiritual and divine connection
    • Location: top (crown) of the head

The meditation