Book review: The Yoga House

The Yoga House, Jesse BennetToday we’re reviewing The Yoga House, a beautiful book by author Jesse Bennett.

This is a delightful book for families and great for introducing kids to mindfulness practices. We chatted about mindfulness with author Jesse Bennett earlier this week found out about her heart-warming inspiration for the book here.

About the book (from the publisher):

The Yoga House shares lessons of kindness, peace and gratitude for families. It is an invitation to welcome mindfulness into your home and celebrate the love you have for your children and family.

The story encourages sharing and using your imagination to create and explore. It also urges you to dream big, shine bright, see the world’s magic, and be grateful for those that love you.

The book includes an affirmation, a nighttime meditation, and several journaling exercises. Discover a place built on love and kindness with this wonderful story.

It is a sweet book, and the nighttime meditation, especially, had me tearing up!

Get your copy on Amazon today and help your house become a yoga house!