5 ways to fall in love with exercise again – when you’re out of the groove

Running shoes fall in love with exercise

We all know that exercise is really important to our overall wellbeing. There are so many benefits, including giving our mental and physical health a boost (read more about that here!). But what if we fall out of love with it? Things change. Our circumstances change and exercise might not fit in the way it did before. But what we do know is it’s really, really important to keep it up. Here are 5 tips on how to get the heart eyes happening for exercise again, and get yourself moving.

Remember the feeling when it’s finished

Anyone who has done a good workout knows that feeling of euphoria when the workout is finished. If you’re an exercise lover, you might feel energised and ready to run to the next thing on your day-planner. If it’s not that enjoyable for you, you might be thinking ‘thank f#$k that’s over! But either way it feels good!! Try to imagine that feeling before you start your workout and it’ll get you one step closer to starting.

Grab a buddy

Working out is so fun when you’ve got someone with you. And it’s always a good thing to have someone keeping you accountable, who you don’t want to let down. Strike up a deal with a friend to make each other go and do your workout, and enjoy the social catch-up before, during and after. Or join a group fitness class. There are lots of new people to meet and regulars you’ll get to know better. I’ve rediscovered my love of group x after starting at my fave new club.

Mix it up

Try something you’ve never tried before. You might be pleasantly surprised! Mix up your workouts throughout the week so you don’t get stuck in a rut and get bored. If you’re a walker, try adding a couple of 2 minute runs in between. If you normally ride your bike, try doing some laps in the pool. Normally go to strength based classes? Try a cardio buster instead. Variety is the spice of life right?!

Put a positive spin on it

If you go into your workout with a negative mindset, there’s not much chance you’re going to enjoy it. Try and switch your thinking from ‘uugh I can NOT be bothered!’ to ‘man, I’m lucky to have working legs and an able body to workout’. Get your gratitude muscle going and it won’t feel like such a chore.

Reward yourself

Give yourself a little treat after your workout or at the end of the week. Make it all about your achievement and enjoy it!! It’s amazing how much chit chat goes on in our minds, talking us in and out of things. It’s an achievement to get to your workout, and to finish it. Reward yourself! You deserve it.


So if you’ve got out of the groove of exercise and it’s not feeling fun for you, try a few of these tips to get you moving. You’ll be on your way to getting your groove back. Then watch the good stuff flow on from there. Happy exercising!



K x