Essential oils to power up your workout

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Essential oils for exercise

Using essential oils for working out is a great way to get that extra boost, help you relax into a deep stretch or just straight up get you off the couch and to your workout, naturally! There are lots of ways to use them, both before and after your workout, and different effects depending on the type of exercise you’re doing.


Sometimes you need a boost to get you up off the couch or out of bed to get to your workout. Try a good deep sniff of peppermint to give you the get up and go to, well, get up and go.

During your workout

Add a couple of drops of lemon essential oil to your water for extra refreshment during your workout. Adding a drop of peppermint will really get you going! And you’ll have minty fresh breath!

If you’re doing yoga, adding a couple of drops of orange, peppermint or lemongrass oils to your mat at the start of class will keep that energized zing going. Don’t overdo it though, especially in a group class!

And if yin yoga is your thing, try a little lavender or vetiver to help you relax and get grounded.

Post workout

Give your post-workout muscles a delicious treat with some essential oils mixed with a carrier oil, such as almond or fractionated coconut. Some of the best oils for muscle soreness are wintergreen and camphor and these can be found in the beautiful Deep Blue blend specifically for muscle massage.

Cleaning your workout equipment

Let’s face it, yoga mats and other workout equipment get gross. Think bacteria from all that working out. Protect your yoga mat, and yourself from harsh cleaning sprays (and other people’s sweat! Ew.) with a natural and non-toxic mat cleaner you can easily throw together and keep in your workout bag.

You will need a 4 oz spray bottle. It’s best to use glass bottles with essential oils. You could also use this spray on your dumbbells and other workout equipment. Just be sure to test a small area first to make sure the oils won’t damage any coatings.

essential oils for exercise

Have fun my friends and get fired up for a good workout!



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