Snack Attack: our top 10 healthy snack ideas

Popcorn snacks Free Spirited Sisters

When you’re looking for a snack and you just don’t know what to grab, this helpful list of healthy snacks will be your best friend! When I look for a snack, I want something that is going to satisfy my hunger without filling me up too much so I can enjoy my bigger meals. Sticking to clean, wholefood ingredients is always a must and keeping things simple is a good start too. This list has some snacks that you can throw together on a whim, aswell as some make ahead recipes with links to have on hand in the fridge or freezer. Happy snacking!

Apple with almond butter

Cut an apple into 8 pieces and remove the core. Spread on some almond butter and munch away!

Choc Coconut Crunch

Just like chocolate crackles, only healthy! Find the recipe here.

Popcorn with nutritional yeast

Throw 2 Tbsp coconut oil in a big pot and when it’s hot add 1/2 cup popcorn kernels. When they’re all popped, put into an airtight container and sprinkle with rock salt and nutritional yeast. Yum!


Banana Muffins

Easy to make muffins to have in the freezer to take out as you need them. Here is the recipe!

Celery with peanut butter

Take a stick of celery and spread peanut butter in the middle. You can even add some sultanas to sweeten it up.

Lemon Bars

This tangy, sweet treat is a great one to make ahead and have ready to go for snack time. Click here for the recipe.

Rice or corn crackers with avocado and hemp seeds

Such a yummy combination and packs a good punch of filling good fats and protein.

Kid-friendly Sushi Wraps

Lots of different combos of fruit and veggies wrapped up in a tortilla. Take a look here.

Complete Protein Shake

Yum yum yum! Mix with the nut-milk of your choice or add to a smoothie. Check out our post here.

Choc Maca Bliss Balls

Blitz, roll and chill to devour when hunger strikes. Find the recipe here.