Save money on groceries!

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grocery shopping savings onlineFor our Aussie readers – Katie will be sharing one of her favorite options later this week. Stay tuned!

Shop, plan, shop

I have a confession to make…I hate grocery shopping in the store. Admittedly, I love all shopping in general, but I like to have a really good plan before I go and spend precious time wandering around the store looking for something in particular. I’ll often look online first to make sure a store has the thing I’m looking for before making my way there. And when it comes to grocery shopping there is usually a good plan in place. I recently shared our grocery list and some of our shopping practices in the “Eating Clean – What it Actually Costs” post.

Just like I’m convinced there are others who don’t love hitting the shops, I’m pretty sure there are a lot of us who want grocery shopping money saving tips as well. So, here you go. You’re welcome.

Bring me the food

As I said in the Eating Clean post, I like shopping at Sprouts, but alas they don’t deliver. I like the home delivery options for many reasons:

  1. I don’t have to leave the house when I have limited, precious hours to work while the kiddos are at school;
  2. As mentioned, I like to plan out what we’re buying for the week (meal planning during kid’s soccer season is a must);
  3. If I’m not in the store I have fewer options to overspend on pretty and yummy looking things…and houseplants;
  4. I can use Ebates to get cash back from doing something I have to do regularly – so very cool!

Of course, there are a few negatives. I have been known to overlook the sizes of things and have received a tiny version of more than one item. And if items are out of stock or can’t be found there is not always a good substitution. Overall, however, I love the simplicity and functionality of a grocery delivery service.

How to get it

I mostly use Safeway, but I almost died of happiness upon learning that my (absolute favorite) Amazon Prime membership now comes with the ability to have our favorite Whole Foods items delivered to the door in roughly 2 hours. #heaven

My friends know about my existing Amazon addiction (they have EVERYTHING, most items are delivered within two days, and the kiddos get super creative with the boxes. This weekend they made a mini-golf course out of them!), but did I mention that the prime now service can get my Wholefoods delivery to me in roughly two hours? I count that as a huge win. If you’d like to try out Amazon Prime free for 30 days, and see why I love it so much, click here.

How to save big

My favorite way to save money shopping online is with Ebates. You receive a percentage of your shopping trip back in cash! I mean, how cool is that?

Cash in your pocket

There is a browser extension button is easily downloaded that lets you know if there is a rebate available where you are shopping. Once you click on it to start your shopping trip you are all set to earn cash back. In the time I’ve been using it, I’ve earned about $200 back.

When I do online grocery shopping at Safeway I earn 2% cash back. On Amazon, it’s up to 5%. I’ve also used it online at Walmart, Etsy, Origins,, Lowes, Vistaprint and Target and there are many more eligible stores. I love getting my Ebates checks in the mail each month!

It’s not just for groceries though; we recently ordered new bedroom furniture for our kids. I had a cart full of beds ready to go but realized the company was no longer part of the Ebates program. After a quick google search for the exact same furniture, I found a store that was part of the Ebates group and we earned $140 cash back with just a few clicks. Why would you not do that?!

Click here or the button below to set up your account, spend at least $25 on your first order (in any of the qualifying stores), and you’ll get $10 cash back in your first check.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Discounts galore

Give Safeway delivery a go and you can save $20 on your first order (of $49 or more) and get free delivery with the code on their landing page. That’s a lot of combined savings and actual cash back in your pocket! Safeway regularly sends out $20 off your order emails too, so make sure you’re signed up. And FYI, there are plenty of ways to get free delivery on the regular.

So there you have your grocery saving shopping tips – we have to grocery shop; let’s do it better, easier and with cash back in our pockets! So much winning.