Bold lips – organic and good for the earth style!

Get your pout out

I’ll admit, I don’t wear lipstick often. I quite like my lip color and usually just throw on a little natural chapstick and head out the door. I actually thought wearing lipstick was a bit fancy for my everyday uniform of athleisure wear. Buuuut, recently I decided to just go for it and have found a go-to pink and a red that’s a little closer to my own lips that I absolutely love! And I have been wearing them every. single. day and loving it. Who knew?

The tricky part for me was finding a lipstick that had good wearability while also being natural and not harmful to my body. Let’s be real, we end up consuming a lot of lipstick over the course of our lifetime. It’s important that what we eat is actually good for us! You can read more about that here.

Like I said, I love a red lipstick, but what I don’t love is the crushed up red beetles many makeup companies use to make that red color. They call it Carmine or Cochineal extract and I really don’t want it anywhere near my mouth. Fortunately, I’ve found some good ones that use vegan color instead. Yay!

Our friends over at The Organic Skin Co have some beautiful organic and clean lippies and they will even plant a tree for each product you purchase – everyone wins! Check them out via the link below and get 20% off your first order.

Lipstick Shades

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