Got wellness routine? Why you should start one

Self care Free Spirited SistersSelf-care has become a hot topic of late and for good reason. To function at capacity we need to be in our best mental, physical and spiritual state. A wellness routine can certainly help with that. Many of us struggle with putting ourselves first, but I promise when you do, everyone wins!

Consistency is key

I am a shocker for not being consistent in many things, but having a wellness routine is the one thing I’ve stuck to over the years. It’s the ultimate self-care. When we consistently look after ourselves we are definitely functioning at our peak and able to be our best for those we care for, including ourselves.

Find your light

Think about the things that light you up. Think about when you feel the most relaxed or happy and figure out if/how you could incorporate them into your daily routine. It could be things like journaling, spiritual study, prayer, reading a good book, exercise, a walk outside, a nap, chatting with family or friends, a cup of coffee on your own…you get the idea. They are things that are good for you, mind body and soul. Check out our article, 5 ways to practice self-care for some more ideas.

There are the key things I need in my everyday wellness routine:

Quiet time by myself before being ‘on’ for everyone else

This one is necessary to help me keep my sanity. I’m mostly an extrovert, but I have introverted tendencies too!

Finding quiet time on my own can be tough as a work at home mom whose husband is away for days at a time… To make it work I have to make it a priority, so I get up earlier than my family (most days). I started this practice years ago, and during that time it’s ranged from work time to meditation/prayer time to having a coffee on the deck watching the sunrise to workout time. Right now the formula that sets me up for the day (that I love so much!) is a 2-3 mile run on the treadmill, followed by 20 minutes of yoga (with I am cards) and 10-20 minutes of prayer and meditation.  The trick is to find what works for you.

Good nutrition

When I consistently eat well (including my rainbow capsules for the daily variety of fruit and veg) I feel good. When I eat vegan and clean my body feels light and not stodgy or tired. This is what works for my body. Find out what works for yours and do yourself the favor of sticking with it. And check out our Nourish page for recipe inspo.

Drinking enough water

I aim for 2L per day.  It carries away the toxins, helps keeps my skin clear and dewy and helps keep that digestion flowing. You can check out why drinking enough water is important here.


A little, as many days as possible. Similar to the nutrition point – find what you like doing and do yourself the favor of sticking with it. It doesn’t have to always be strenuous, it just has to get you moving and your heart rate going. We have some short workouts on the Move page you can try.

Do you, baby

Obviously, everyone is different and needs different things to help them function at capacity. These needs change over time too. They certainly have for me! But I have found that a consistent wellness routine and practice is an amazing gift to yourself and those around you. Let us know what you do on the daily to keep your wellness in check.