Health Study Highlight: Skin Health

Skin Health Free Spirited Sisters

This is part 2 of the Health Study Highlight series around our much loved products, Juice Plus+. You might have seen the last one on the Immune System. This time, we’re focusing on Skin Health. Although there are many factors that contribute to good skin like using good quality skincare and getting enough sleep, the health of our skin starts on the inside. You can read more about why here. A study conducted at the University of Witten-Herdecke in Germany with a double-blind placebo and randomized control design, in 2 treatment groups of 26 women measured over 12 weeks, found that the ingestion of a fruit and vegetable based concentrate like Juice Plus+ increases skin microcirculation in healthy women and positively affects skin hydration, density and thickness.

For further information on this and other studies, in the US click here or in Australia click here.

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