Herbal tea: 7 of our faves and their benefits to your health

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There’s nothing quite like a nice cup of herbal tea. The smell, the warmth and the taste get all the senses going. I think there is something about just knowing that it’s good for you too that gives you a warm fuzzy feeling. It’s the ultimate self-care ritual that has been around for centuries and is still LIFE now. Here we look at our 8 favourite varieties of herbal tea and their benefits to your health.


I always think of chamomile tea as a soothing, relaxing tea to have before bed. It’s known to relieve anxiety, soothe the stomach, and help with nausea. It’s also great for skin health.


Peppermint tea is the stomach healer in my eyes. It helps with nausea, reflux, indigestion and bloating. It’s also known to help with the common cold and acts as a decongestant. I remember in the early days of each of my pregnancies, I could no longer stand the smell or taste of coffee (shock horror!) and went for a peppermint tea instead. It definitely helped me with morning sickness.


Ginger is also well known for its effect on nausea, cramps and indigestion. Having a ginger tea before travelling is a great idea if you suffer from motion sickness. Just steep some fresh ginger in hot water and sip it down.


A great way to start your day is with a nice big cup of lemon tea. All you need is water and a squeeze of lemon. It cleanses the liver and flushes out toxins in the body. It’s also great for headaches and sore throat. I have so many memories of my Mum making my sister and I hot honey and lemon drink at the first sign of a cold. So soothing! I still do that now.

Raspberry leaf

This tea is known for increasing fertility in women and can help prepare the body for labour. I had this tea every day in the later stages of my pregnancies. Who knows if it worked… but it was worth a try! It’s also beneficial for the immune system and for decreasing inflammation.


Cinnamon is one of my favourite scents and flavours in cooking. But it’s oh-so beneficial in the form of tea. It has a very high antioxidant content, regulates glucose metabolism and can help with arthritis. You can make it by just putting a cinnamon stick into a cup of hot water.

Matcha green tea

Matcha is made from the young nutrient-rich leaves and is the highest quality powdered green tea. It is full of antioxidants and in particular rich in cancer-fighting catechins. It’s also known to boost metabolism, lower blood sugar, and help with memory and  concentration.


So next time you pour your favourite cup of herbal tea, know that you are giving your body a little boost of health. And yourself a nice warm hug.



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