Food Focus: Beautiful Berries

Berries Free Spirited Sisters

We love berries and try to get these delicious fruits into our daily menu on the regular. So what’s so good about them?

What are berries good for?

  • Full of antioxidants, they help fight oxidative stress in your body.
  • Protect your body against inflammation and free radicals.
  • Nutrient dense.
  • Rich in Vitamin C.
  • Great for immunity and healing.
  • Promote skin, eye and heart health.
  • Help prevent arthritis and slow down memory loss.
  • Can help lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

How can you get more of them in your diet?

  • Add some frozen berries to your smoothie.
  • Sprinkle your porridge/oatmeal with some blueberries and raspberries.
  • Add some goji berries to your rice or quinoa.
  • Dip berries in yoghurt and freeze for a yummy snack.
  • Add these berry capsules to your daily routine.

What is your favourite berry? And how do you get more of them into your diet?