Recipe Round-up: Winter Warmers

Recipe Round-up: WInter Warmers Free Spirited Sisters

Winter has arrived here in the Southern Hemisphere and it just makes you want to eat everything warm and comforting in sight! So we’ve put together a combination of four recipes (with links) from our Free Spirited Sisters Nourish page to get you all warm and cosy. But don’t think all ya’ll in the North can’t enjoy these too! They are good at any time of the year!


Chocolate Pancakes Free Spirited SistersChocolate Pancakes

Wake up with these delicious pancakes and drizzle them with whatever warm toppings you desire. Chocolate for breakfast and it’s healthy.. win win!


Miso soup Free Spirited SistersQuick Miso Soup

Warm up the bones with this quick, nutritious soup. It’ll give your gut a good dose of pro-biotics and help with your immunity.


Apple Cinnamon Cake Free Spirited SistersApple Cinnamon Cake

There’s nothing quite like a nice warm piece of cake out of the oven with a nice warm cuppa. Not to mention the scent of apple and cinnamon. I feel cosy already!


pumpkin mac n cheese recipe free spirited sistersPumpkin Mac’ n’ Cheese

This recipe has comfort food written all over it! It’s packed with a good bunch of veggies too. Enjoy it on it’s own or as a side dish.


So there you have it! A round-up of some warming recipes to get your Winter off to a good start. What are your fave Winter recipes?


Katie x