Fave find of the week: the Chill app

Chill app Free Spirited SistersThis week we are crushing on the Chill app from LetGo. It is a simple, yet extremely effective app to remind you to be mindful throughout the day.

What it is

A daily mindfulness quote that pops up on your screen (at your selected time) to inspire and set the tone for your day. The quotes are gathered by a practicing Zen Buddhist.

Up to five gentle reminders to be mindful throughout the day. I have them all set up with a quiet gong sound and will stop what I’m doing and put full focus on the mindful suggestion. Sometimes it’s just a gentle reminder to take a moment to breathe deep and feel the nourishing air fill your lungs. Whatever the suggestion is, it is always a great way to take a moment to re-center.

Look for the free version on the app store today (pic below), or follow along on facebook if you’re an android lover and see how much more chill you can be too!