House cleaning workout

Cleaning fit free spirited sistersHouse cleaning with a workout twist

Ok, my friends, let’s be real. We have to clean the house and it’s not the most fun job in the world. We can choose to hate on it or turn it into something positive, and shock horror, maybe a little fun. How about a house cleaning workout?

Sneaky workout time

Doing housework can burn calories – 100-300 per hour, depending on your activity level – and increase muscle tone, so why not be a little more mindful and get your blood pumping, body moving and house cleaned at the same time.

What can you do?

Pump some loud music that will get you dancing and moving while you’re cleaning. Choose something fun and rockin’ that will get you in an energized mood.

Try walking lunges while you’re vacuuming.

Do squats (regular or plié) when picking things up off the floor.

If you’re between mopping efforts go on a spot cleaning hunt. Do walking lunges until you find a spot, do a squat and use these wipes to clean the spots.

Use a stepladder to dust those high shelves and cabinets and go up and down a few extra times. Step to the beat…

Do squats while cleaning the shower and use those biceps to scrub from top to bottom and side to side. Scrub quickly to build up the heat and burn extra calories!

If you have stairs, use them… a lot. Make extra trips, it will do wonders!

When putting away laundry keep everything in a basket on the floor and lunge or squat to get each item.

If you carry your cleaning items in a caddy, throw in a few bicep curls! Same deal for the mop bucket!

Use the broom, small vacuum, dry mop etc to do some barbell curls before and/or after you use them.

Throw in a wall sit in between chores.

Throw in 5 burpees between chores.

I’m still standing, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Don’t just stand there. Use the time you’re standing to fold washing, dust, do dishes, sort mail etc to try some of the following:

My favorite is to consciously engage my core while I’m standing. This not only works your core, but improves your posture as well!

Try getting into Mountain pose while standing and work on engaging your muscles starting from your feet all the way up your body. Hold for a few breaths, release and repeat for as many dishes as you have, or laundry there is to fold!

Try doing some calf raises or stepping or jumping from one foot to the other.

If the activity allows it, throw in some skaters!

Done and dustedworkout fitness free spirited sisters

When you’re all done, give your body a delicious thank you and do some standing stretches with your arms above your head and moving to each side. Add a little forward fold to really show your appreciation. And to relish how good your body is to you, spend a few minutes in child’s pose, savasana or legs up the wall as a reward. You just got your house cleaned and your workout done. You’re a domestic Goddess!

Hope you have fun with it!