Fave Find: Modere Multipurpose Cleaning Wipes

Modere Free Spirited sistersThis week we’re highlighting Modere Multipurpose Cleaning Wipes. These are some sturdy wipes that I keep in the kitchen and bathrooms to help me stay ahead of the cleaning game! A quick wipe over the counters and all is sparkling again. And a quick wipe over the toilets helps me be ok with living with a son and a husband, lol.

The wipes are convenient and nasty-free. They are free of phosphates, dyes, SLS, ammonia and bleach and have a nice lemon scent.

Sadly for the Aussies, they’re not available there. If you’re in the US click here┬áto check them out. And grab the discount code below if it’s your first order.


$10 off coupon Modere Free Spirited Sisters

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