10-Day clean eating reset

It’s time for another clean eating reset! At the time of writing, we are embarking on a 10-day boost cycle with our Girl Gang team over at Juice Plus (our new passion – find out more here). It has inspired us to run a reset over here too! It’s funny, when I was writing the title I had a typo and wrote 10-day clean eating rest. But that is actually what we’re doing! It’s a good amount of time to give your body a rest from all the junk, the excess sugar, the processed foods etc and just fill it up with all good and natural things. Our bodies crave what we put in them, so instead of our bodies craving crap, why not teach them to crave the good stuff instead. Imagine how beautifully well your body is going to function with only good nutrition coming from real food.

The guidelines

  1. Focus on fresh and minimally processed foods. Check labels to make sure you know what you’re eating.
  2. Fill your plate/bowl/cup with fruits and veggies first! Think about salads, veggie curry, green (or any color of the rainbow) smoothies, rice or quinoa bowls etc. We’ll pop some recipe links below to give you some inspiration.
  3. We are big fans of our magic rainbow capsules, basically a super broad range of fruits and vegetables that have been plant-ripened to reach peak nutrition (not picked early and shipped to far away lands like some fruit and veg!), juiced and encapsulated in a fast process that prevents oxidation and keeps all that delicious nutrition in place! We take these 30+ fruits and veg in place of a synthetic vitamin and get a ridiculous boost of plant nutrition to keep us on the right track on the daily (remember your body craves what it’s getting!). For more info click here.
  4. Add your protein (see how much you need here). Try something plant-based, like tempeh or tofu for dinner. Go for organic poultry and grass fed meats (keep the red meat minimal) and wild caught fish. Try adding our favorite Complete protein along with a bunch of other goodness to your smoothies.
  5. Do your best to skip caffeine, alcohol, processed sugars, and processed foods. Try to stick with foods that are nutrition filled instead. The coffee was a big one for us, so we totally get it! If you like your coffee and don’t want the first day withdrawal headache, try easing down your intake in the days prior or switch to tea for a few days before you start. It’s worth a try and it’s only 10 days! I’m at day 6 of having a cup of hot water with lemon in the mornings because I like the hot drink ritual and I feel great now! You’ll also notice a jump in energy once your body is getting super nutrition instead of empty food.
  6. Drink lots of water!!! 40ml/kg of body weight or 0.5-1.0 oz/lb of body weight. As a rough guide, 2 litres or 68 oz is a good daily goal. Try adding some fruit to your water bottle if you like a little flavor. You could have a big container in the fridge with berries etc in it, or one of my fave combos is lemon, cucumber, and mint – so refreshing!


Tips and tricks

Being prepared will make the clean eating reset run smoothly and won’t have you reaching for the chips…

Plan out your meals and snacks for the 10 days (or a few at a time) and stock up on good, clean foods that you know you’ll eat.

Chop veggies and have them in containers or bags in the fridge ready to grab and go.

Make trail mix and have in bags ready to go. Make some protein balls for a healthy sweet treat.

Cook a big batch or brown rice or quinoa (or both) to have ready for making bowls.

Make some dips like hummus or salsa to snack with your veggies.

Recipes to try:

Here are a few recipes to get you started. Have fun trying new combinations for salads and sides and get creative with smoothies! One of my faves at the moment is banana, vanilla complete, spinach, pineapple and almond milk. It keeps me full all afternoon!


Chocolate zucchini loaf

Vanilla Berry Protein Smoothie

Lemon Bars

Choc Macca Energy Bars

Lunch & Dinner

Crunchy Detox Salad with Tahini Dressing

Sweet Potato Haloumi Salad


I hope you give your body the gift of a clean eating reset. You will feel amazing and your body will thank you for it!



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