5 Ways to Keep Your Brain Happy

5 Ways to Keep Your Brain Happy Free Spirited Sisters

We all know there can be times when we’re a bit forgetful. Most of us have so many thoughts running through our heads as we try to keep up with what’s going on in our lives, not to mention that of our loved ones. Although there is a definite difference between being a bit forgetful and actual cognitive decline, it’s good to be mindful of the ways we are using our brains and how we can exercise them in order to maintain a healthy and active brain for the long term. Here are 5 simple ways to keep your brain happy:

Get social

As humans, we are social beings and generally thrive when in social contact with others. Research shows that people who have an active social life will enjoy better physical and mental health, may live longer and have a lower risk of dementia. Catching up with family and friends, joining a club and traveling are all great ways to get social.

Challenge your brain

It’s so important to keep your brain active by learning something new every day. Challenge yourself by changing something you do on the daily, like changing the chair you sit at for breakfast. Or start a hobby, learn an instrument or new language. If you tend to forget something as soon as it’s said (ahem like me forgetting the name of every person I meet for the first time!), say it out loud or write it down as soon after as possible to reinforce the learning. You can also do things like Sudoku, puzzles, crosswords or word searches too.

Balanced diet

Our brains, and our bodies for that matter need a range of nutrients to perform properly. It is understood that a balanced diet can help maintain brain health. It’s important to make sure we eat a variety of foods focused on clean, wholefoods and minimise our intake of processed foods and saturated fats.

Keep it moving

There are so many reasons to stay active and move your body. Staying active gets more blood and therefore oxygen to the brain and improves your mood and quality of sleep. Exercise also encourages the body to release a load of hormones that can help provide a perfect environment to grow brain cells. And it makes you feel good!

Catch more zzz

Sleep is so important for brain health. When you make a new memory throughout your day, cellular connections are made. The second stage of this connection is made while you sleep. So lack of sleep equals fewer connections! Try to get in your 6-8 hours each night to keep your brain in good order.

In the often crazy busy lives we live these days, it’s so important to think of what the later years will hold for our brain health. Adding one of these ways to keep your brain happy will make a difference, and even better, a combination of them can really help reduce the risk of dementia and cognitive decline as we get older.


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