Legs 11 Challenge

Ok here we go with another amazing fitness challenge! We do love these (if you hadn’t noticed!) because they are so easy to fit into your day and if you stick with them for the 10 days, you start to feel a difference. Give the exercises a try and feel the strength in your legs increasing and maybe even have them looking like 11’s in no time!

The exercises

Jump Squats

Jun Squat Free Spirited SistersJump Squats Free Spirited SistersStand with feet hip-width apart and toes pointing slightly outward.

Push your hips back, keep your back straight and lower into a squat with your weight in your heels.

Engage your core and jump up, using your arms for momentum.

Land softly and lower into another squat.

Lower intensity: Do squats without the jump.


Calf Raises

Calf Raises Free Spirited SistersCalf Raises Up Free Spirited SistersStand on the edge of a step or somewhere raised slightly off the ground.

Balance on the balls of your feet with your core engaged and legs straight.

Raise your heels until you’re standing on your tippy toes and hold for a couple of seconds.

Lower your heels until they are just below the step. Repeat.


Plie Squats

Plie Squat Start Free Spirited SistersPlie Squat Down Free Spirited SistersStand with feet wider than hip-width and toes pointed further outward.

Tuck your tailbone and tighten your glutes while lowering down to a squat, keeping your core engaged and back straight.

Again, make sure your knees are in line with your toes, but not going past them.

Push through your heels back up to starting position.


High Knee Skips

High Knees left Free Spirited SistersHigh Knees right Free Spirited SistersDrive one leg up towards your chest while hopping off the ground with the other leg.

Propel yourself up and switch legs.

Be sure to engage your core and pump your arms at the same time.


The Challenge

Legs 11 Challenge Free Spirited Sisters