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Modere body bar soap free spirited sisters

Fave find of the week!

Welcome to the first of a series of weekly posts highlighting clean, healthy products we love. This week we’re starting with bathroom basics!

Loving this body bar! It’s a clean and safe soap, smells delish and is full of plant-derived goodness including oats, olives, and apricots. I use this body soap every day!

The cool thing about these guys is the list of ingredients they never include in products, including Formaldehyde releasers, PEGs, Ethanolamine compounds, Flouride-based ingredients, aluminum-based antiperspirants, parabens, artificial flavors, Phosphates, Phthalates, BHA, BHT, Triclosan, SLS, SLES, Propylene Glycol, Mineral oil, Petrolatum. That’s a whole lotta toxins avoided!

Give it a go (click on the USA or Australia pic below, depending on where you’re located) and replace some of the nasties in your bathroom with something you can feel good about using every day. And it it’s your first order, check out your discount below!

$10 off coupon Modere Free Spirited Sisters$10 off coupon Modere Free Spirited Sisters



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