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non toxic hair care Free Spirited SistersClean hair?

We all know how important clean, non-toxic beauty products are (find out more here), and I have done a great job cleaning up the products I use on my face and body, including my hair care. But a little while back, I decided to go super blonde which would require a weekly toner to keep me from looking like Big Bird. Someone suggested a toning shampoo that worked really well and was on sale at Amazon for just $10 and I had it magically primed to my house that afternoon…

Bargains aren’t always worth it

Well, sadly I let my desire for a bargain stomp on my ability to check ingredients and the result was a massive break out of pimples and dry skin all over my face! Well, not exactly all over my face, and this is where I twigged that something may be going on with my hair. The side of my face where I tuck the hair behind my ear was actually looking all glowy and awesome (if I do say so myself), while the rest looked like I had reverted to my teenage years!

Bottom line, the shampoo had some real nasties in it and a brief google search highlighted a lot of people experiencing a similar reaction. So I did a little more digging…

Avoid, avoid, avoid!

Here are some ingredients to avoid like the plague in your hair products:

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate/Sodium (SLS) – skin irritant and can be contaminated with dioxin, a known carcinogen;

Parabens – similar in composition to hormones found in our bodies and may disrupt the natural processes;

Triclosan – endocrine disruptor;

Polyethylene Glycol (PEGs) – can interfere with bodily development and can contain a known carcinogen;

Fragrance – look for natural, essential oil fragranced products instead;

Phenoxyethanol – irritates eyes and skin;

Cocamidopropyl Betaine – can cause contact dermatitis (this is the main one that did a number on my skin);

It’s just not worth it to use these toxic products!

Non-toxic options

There are plenty of clean hair products out there without all the nasties in them. Take some time to experiment with what works for you and your hair. It’s well worth the exploration, my friends. You may not have the outward symptoms like I did this time, but those toxins could still be running amok.


These are beautiful products and the entire line says no to parabens, sulfates, DEA/MEA, Phthalates, PEGs, Phenoxyethanol, ethanol, and petrochemicals.

I’m not affiliated with Monat, I just love the products a lot! My lovely friend Amanda (with the gorgeous hair) sells them though! You can check them out here. I’m using the Intense Repair shampoo and conditioner and the Blow Out Cream and my hair already feels amazing. And guess what? No crazy skin reaction!


In the past, I have used the Acure line, which is great budget hair care. You can find it at Target, Sprouts, Wholefoods, and Amazon (click the pic).

Acure non toxic hair care Free Spirited SistersI hope this information has been educational at the least and at the most saves you from the crazy skin reaction I had!



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