5 Ways to Practice Self-Care – you can’t pour from an empty cup

Self-Care Free Spirited Sisters

Sometimes it just seems like there isn’t enough time in the day. We’re all so busy these days that even thinking about doing something for yourself can seem like a distant memory. As a mum, it often feels like you are constantly doing everything for everyone else, leaving little room for your own needs. I used to feel really selfish and indulgent if I did something just for me, but as time has gone on, I have realised that I am a much better version of myself (not to mention a lot nicer!) when I take a little bit of time here and there and do something that makes me feel good. Here are 5 ways to practice a little self-care that you can incorporate into your week.

Go for a walk (or run)

It’s so important to get some exercise and fresh air when you’re feeling a bit stressed. Get out with a friend and just talk, talk, talk about everything on your mind. Or go by yourself, crank the tunes and sing your fave song out loud (optional). Even cry if you want to… I have done this a few times and I felt sooo much better afterward. (also optional but man it feels good!)

Take a bath

This is one that doesn’t happen a lot but makes me feel so amazing when I can do it! Get the water running, add a nice splash of lavender oil for relaxation and some Epsom salts to soothe your muscles. Light your favourite candle and sprinkle in some flower petals to top it off. Just soak in there for a while and take some time for yourself.

Turn off the tech

I’m a bit of shocker for this one. I go through phases of being on my phone and social media aaall the time and it starts to become a bit of an obsession. There’s some major FOMO going on! Try to have a blackout time where you just don’t look at it. At all. For 2 hours. Or better yet, try to go a whole day without it and see how you feel.

Just breathe

Taking a break from your day and centering yourself is so beneficial. Try this mindfulness meditation or some breathwork techniques to get you going. Or just lay down for 5 minutes and stare at the sky and clouds. Take a nap if you want to!

Write it down

Get out a journal and write down what’s in your head and heart. If you had no restrictions (money, lifestyle etc), what would you do or be? Where would you want to go? Nothing is too outrageous… dream big! Or write down 3 things that you’re grateful for or things that you’d like to let go of. It’s so therapeutic and helps to get your thoughts out of your head and onto paper.


So next time you’re feeling depleted or stressed and you’re beginning to feel a bit resentful to those around you, remember your needs are important too. Things can just keep piling up if you don’t take a bit of time for yourself. You shouldn’t feel guilty for that and you will become more resilient to what life throws at you in the future.



Katie x