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The Power of Plants Free Spirited Sisters

There’s no denying the growing evidence of the benefit of a plant-based diet to our health and the environment. Eating a diet that focuses on fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes and grains has been proven to reduce the incidence of obesity, cancer, diabetes and heart disease just to name a few. It doesn’t necessarily mean becoming vegetarian, but reducing the amount of meat and adding more of the plant kingdom to your diet, definitely has it’s benefits. It’s the phytonutrient powerhouses in fruit and vegies that provide us with a dense source of antioxidants to help fight oxidative stress, reduce inflammation and prevent disease from setting in.

The Power of Plants Phytonutrient Infographic Free Spirited SistersWhat is a phytonutrient?

Phytonutrients are chemicals naturally produced by plants. They help the plant maintain it’s health, with the added benefit of giving the consumer of the plant a boost of nutrients too. It’s so important to include all the colours of the rainbow when it comes to fruit and vegies to maximise your intake of phytonutrients. The colour of the plant is a good indicator of what phytonutrient it has in it.

Getting all the good stuff in

It’s so important to focus on getting good quality nutrition into your body every day, exercising regularly and allowing time for self-care to keep your mental health in check. But sometimes life can get in the way and it’s often a challenge to hit all of these marks every single day! I don’t believe in replacing a good diet with supplements, but sometimes they can help bridge the gap between what you should be eating and what you do eat on a daily basis. There are days where I will eat every colour under the sun, and others I just don’t. I feel like my Juice Plus capsules fill that gap.

What’s in them?

The beauty of these capsules is that they are quite simply 30 different types of fruit, veg and berries in a vegan capsule. The produce is grown on mid-sized, 3rd-4th generation non-GMO farms with nutrient-dense soil. It’s picked at optimum growth and the whole fruit or veg (including seeds and peels) are juiced, dried and concentrated into powders at temperature levels that maintain the nutrient quality. Sugars are naturally removed during this process (as the molecules stick to the water) and they are tested at 3 different stages of production to ensure there are no pesticides or contaminants present.

Are they worth it?

There have been numerous peer-reviewed studies conducted on these products that have been published in medical and scientific journals around the world. A few of the findings indicate that Juice Plus:

Delivers antioxidants to the bloodstream, reducing oxidative stress.

Supports the immune system.

Improves skin hydration, thickness and circulation.

Supports a healthy inflammatory response, which can help to avoid chronic disease.

Significantly decreases levels of 3 key biomarkers of inflammation.

Contributes to cardio-vascular wellness.

You can read more about the Clinical Research here.


I am a strong believer that supplements shouldn’t replace a good diet, just complement it. I also think that if something makes you feel really good, and you enjoy the new feeling of bouncing out of bed in the morning, it’s worth a go. I know all I want is optimum health to be at my best to do this thing called life with gusto!

If you feel like a boost of health, have a look here for more information on all the products or to purchase. If you have kids, contact me at [email protected] for more info on how you can get free kids chewables with your order. And keep an eye out for a delish Vanilla Berry Protein Smoothie recipe coming up this week on the blog!


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