Kid-friendly “sushi” wraps

Kid-friendly sushi wraps recipe free spirited sistersIt’s inevitable; school lunches end up running the same cycle of what the kiddos will actually eat. They get bored (so would I!). Add these “sushi” wrap style sandwiches and try out a bunch of combos to break the rut. The faves at our house are peanut butter and banana and cream cheese and blueberries. Get the kids involved in picking out what they like – try making a game out of it and come up with new and exciting combos. ¬†With their buy-in, they’ll be more likely to come home with empty lunch boxes and full tummies.

You’ll need some whole wheat tortillas or lavash bread etc., and your fillings. Then simply place the spread over the whole tortilla and fruit or veggies in the middle, roll up and slice into sushi rounds. Easy!

Try these on for size

Peanut butter and a whole banana rolled up and sliced (or keep it in one piece for a fun hand roll!)

Cream cheese and blueberries/strawberries (halved)/raspberries

Almond butter and apple sticks with a sprinkle of cinnamon

Almond butter and strawberries (halved) – my fave1

Cream cheese and cucumber (long sticks)

Avocado (quartered) and cheese

Hummus, cucumber (long sticks), peppers/capsicum, and spinach

Hard-boiled eggs (halved) and mayonnaise


What are your favorite combinations?