Detox yoga

When you’ve made a commitment to your body and health in the form of a detox day, week, month etc, it’s helpful to add a little twisty, hip-focused detox yoga to the mix. Try this detox yoga practice alongside our 5-day clean eating reset and 5-day water challenge to really super up your detox efforts.

The twists help squish the organs creating space for fresh blood to flood in and nurture them. We store stagnant emotions in our hips, so opening them up allows for the old emotions to be dealt with and passed away. The added bonus is a lovely, stretchy movement of your body that feels glorious. This isn’t a power flow my friends. It’s a gentle practice with each pose held for 3-5 breaths, depending on how you feel in them. This practice is a treat, not a trial of strength. Remember to do each pose on both sides of the body to support balance and see the notes below for further detail on the poses.


Love, Claire.

Detox yoga practice notes

Standing Poses 1

Warrior II

The back foot is slightly turned in and the front knee is bent. Be sure to keep the front knee over the heel or behind it to protect the knee. There should be an opening through the hips. Arms are out to the sides. The gaze can follow the front hand or the same directions as the hips. Press into the feet, especially the outer edge of the back foot, to feel a lift through the body. Draw the belly button toward the spine and the shoulder blades together and down the back. The heart is shining open and the top of the head lifts toward the ceiling.

Standing Poses 2


Press the heart forward and keep the side body long and open.

Retroverted Triangle

This twist may feel a little intense, especially on the outer hip. If you feel any pain, come out of the pose. Keep the heart and side body open.

Floor Poses

Hamstring stretch

The lower leg can be bent or straight (more intense stretch). If straight, engage the leg by flexing the toes back toward the body.

Hamstring/hip stretch across the body

Visualize pulling the hip bone back into the socket. Use the available hand to keep the grounded hip from lifting. This is another intense stretch through the outer hip, so only go as far as is uncomfortable, but not painful.


If it feels too intense on the hips, placing blocks or blankets under the knees can help. Allow gravity to work on lowering the knees with each breath (3-5), but do not force them down.

Laying twists

Be sure to keep both shoulders flat to the floor to enable the twist to work on the abdomen. If it helps, a block or folded blanket can be placed under the knee.

Final poses

Legs up the wall

Stay here as long as you want. It’s a great pose to relax the body before sleep. If you prefer savasana to Legs up the Wall pose, lay on your back with arms a little out from the sides palms up, legs slightly apart with the feet falling open for your final relaxation.

  • Detox yoga
    Start seated with your body nice and tall, but relaxed. Take the left arm to the floor and the right arm high as you breathe in. Stretch the arm over to the left as you breath out.
  • Detox yoga
    Start in child's pose and take a few breaths.
  • Detox yoga
    Come to standing and into Warrior II. Hold for 3-5 full breaths. Follow with the next two poses then repeat the sequence on the other side of the body.
  • From Warrior II straighten the back leg keeping the foot and arm positions the same. Reach forward with the front arm then place it down on the leg or a block and reach the back arm high. Hold for 3-5 breaths.
  • Detox yoga
    Come to the floor and lie on your back. Start with the knee bent while holding the big toe with the peace fingers (pointer and middle) or a strap around the ball of the foot. Straighten as much as is available. Hold for 3-5 breaths.
  • Detox yoga
    Come into bridge pose and place a block at the base of the spine. Gently lower down. Stay here with the knees bent for 3-5 breathes or try the following pose variations. Lift up, remove the block then gently lower from the top of the spine to the bottom.