Water Challenge – guzzle your way to better health!

5 day water drinking challenge Free Spirited SistersWe all know that drinking water has many benefits for our bodies and for our health. A water challenge is going to up the ante of those benefits in many ways, not least because it will make us more mindful of consuming water, and help us forget the other not-so-healthy drinks. Our bodies are made up of about 70% water, so water, of course, is a must-have. We can quickly become dehydrated, which can lead to issues like headaches and brain fog. Now, let’s get weird for a minute – you are drinking enough water when your wee/pee is light in color and doesn’t smell. So, let’s get this water challenge going!

Drinking water helps our bodies detoxify. If you’re joining us for the 5-day clean eating reset and do the water challenge alongside it, your body will rejoice in all the goodness being sent its way. Talk about self-care!

Benefits of drinking water

Detoxification and flushing of toxins in the body.

Helps keep us regular.

Can help with headaches and other aches and pains, often caused by dehydration.

Can help with fatigue.

Helps keep skin clear and well moisturized.

Can help mental clarity, energy levels, and physical performance.

Water challenge tips

Aim to drink 3L or 100 oz each day for the 5 days. That’s about 12 glasses. You’ve totally got this.

Create a plan – don’t drink all your water at once (this can actually be dangerous!). Split it into increments and work out how much you need to drink by certain times of the day in order to get your 12 glasses. Or use the printable in this post to check off each glass as you drink.

It can help to find a large water bottle, such as a thoroughly washed out milk jug, fill it up and draw times and encouraging notes on the side! Or use it to fill up your smaller bottle and watch your progress. I love my Bubba mug for this purpose.  At 52oz, just drink two of these and you’re done for the day! You can check it out here.

Carry water with you wherever you go. I always have a reusable (preferably) glass or metal water bottle with me. I feel weird not having one. It even goes by the bed at night…just in case.

Swap sodas and other sweetened drinks for water for the 5 days. Try adding fruit to your water if you still want a little flavor.

Do the challenge with a friend and be accountable to each other. Or join us on Instagram and see who you’re guzzling with!

Try to stick with drinking water when the challenge is done. You don’t need soda!


I hope you join us for this challenge (and the 5-day clean eating reset!). You’ll be giving your body a great gift to start the year!

Let me know how you go.



Water challenge printable Free Spirited Sisters

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