Wellness trends – our 2017 faves and 2018 predictions

2017 was a good year

There were a lot of wellness trends in 2017 and many that we jumped right on board with. From bulletproof, mushroom (actually very good), and superfood coffee, turmeric lattes, matcha everything to gut health, collagen, microbiomes, adaptogens, beauty supplements that work from the inside out and even crystals; it was a big year for wellness.

By far my favorite wellness trend of 2017 was clean beauty. It is projected to be even bigger in 2018 as larger department stores like Target, Nordstrom and Sephora taking on some of our indie beauty and other faves, like Moon Juice, Herbivore, Hum Nutrition and Fig and Yarrow. Breaking news is that Scmidts Naturals (think natural deodorant) is to be acquired by Unilever in 2018. Clean and natural is going mainstream…fast.

Wellness trends to look out for in 2018

Green/natural/clean beauty will become even more mainstream. And you’ll hear all about it from us!

Intermittent fasting for increased cognitive function among many other health benefits. I’m trialing intermittent fasting as I write this and will report back in early 2018.

New ways to optimize gut health – probiotics, prebiotics, funghi, bacteria and more.

Healthy fats will continue to be your friend as research finds more ways they are beneficial to your body.

Femtech – a boom in technology to help women track their health. Think cycles, fertility, and sexual health.

Breathwork – I am super excited to delve further into this one. Similar to meditation, but a somewhat more active alternative. All breath and all very, very good for you.

We want you to live your optimal good life, full of energy, vitality, and playfulness. That’s why we bring you the wellness goodness. These are just some of the predictions out there for next year. Be sure to stay tuned as we look into them further and let you know about new ones that we think will help you glow!



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