HIIT – Routine 2

Skater left leg Free Spirited Sisters

I hope you enjoyed the introduction to HIIT and Routine 1 and have got a feel for how it works. HIIT – Routine 2 is a combination of another 5 high-intensity exercises that you repeat 3-4 times. Each exercise is performed for a 45 second interval, followed by a 15 second rest interval. Don’t forget to add a couple of minutes warm-up before you start and cool-down at the end (this can be a fast-paced walk or jog).

HIIT – Routine 2

1. Butt Kicks

Run on the spot while bringing your heel to your glute, alternating sides.

Pump your arms at the same time.

Run as fast as you can for the interval.

  • Butt kicks left leg Free Spirited Sisters
    Butt Kicks - left leg


2. Skaters

Think of the speed skaters at the Olympics!

Stand with feet a little wider than hip width apart.

Jump laterally to one side, landing on that leg, while bringing your other leg behind it.

Push off and jump to land on the other leg.

Keep your core engaged and swing your arms with each jump.

  • Skater left leg Free Spirited Sisters
    Skaters - left leg


3. Broad Jumps

Stand in a squat position with feet hip-width apart and knees slightly bent.

Jump forward as far as you can, landing in a squat position.

Turn around and jump the other way.

  • Squat take off Free Spirited Sisters
    Broad Jumps - starting position


4. Cross Jacks

Stand with feet hip-width apart with arms outstretched to the side at shoulder height.

Jump the feet to cross over at the front and cross your arms also.

Jump and return to starting position.

Keep repeating as fast as you can for the interval.

  • Cross jacks out Free Spirited Sisters
    Cross Jacks - out


5. Plank Get-ups

Start in a high plank position with hands under shoulders and core engaged.

Lower your right elbow to the ground, then the left.

Straighten your right arm, then the left.

Continue, starting with the left arm.

  • Plank Get-ups full plank Free Spirited Sisters
    Plank Get-ups - full plank