5 Ways to Be Mindful in the Chaos

5 Ways to be Mindful in the Chaos Free Spirited Sisters

Hands up who’s feeling a little bit frazzled? Multi-tasking like there’s no tomorrow attempting to get through a list titled ‘has to be done now!’. It’s especially prominent as we near the end of the year when things ramp up with celebrations, windups, the holidays and everything in between. It’s really easy to get into robot mode and feel a bit disconnected from yourself and your environment. It’s time to take a moment and practice being Mindful.


Mindfulness is bringing your attention to the present moment and being more aware of the world around you. Being mindful is our natural way of being, using our senses for what they’re designed and noticing things around us. Here are 5 simple practices you can try today to help you feel more grounded:

5 Ways to be Mindful today

1. Cook and eat with intention

Instead of whipping together a meal and scoffing it down as you race out the door, take a moment and savour it. It’s a privilege to have food to eat and its purpose is to nourish us and provide enjoyment. Try to put down your technology, stir your food mindfully as you make it and experience each mouthful as it goes into your mouth. Feel the textures, smell the aromas, and really taste it.

2. Experience your environment

Where is your favourite place in nature? Do you ever go there and just BE without a playlist blaring on your way somewhere or doing a workout? Take a break and walk around your favourite place. Look at the leaves, feel the grass or sand underneath your feet with each step that you take. Go to the beach and sit and watch the waves roll in for a few minutes or experience the colours of the sunset. These moments are so special and so often missed because we’re all too busy.

3. Really listen

Instead of answering a hundred different questions while emptying the dishwasher, bin and lunch boxes, really listen to what someone is saying to you. Focus on their face and hear the words as they come out of their mouth. Answer them and await their reply. Giving someone your undivided attention is one of the nicest things you can do for them.

4. Enjoy your cuppa

OK, so coffee is my thing. I looooove it and being a bit of a creature of habit, have it three times a day at pretty much the same time. But most of the time I’m rushing to make it, drinking it while working or putting the washing machine on. I get it, we’re all busy, but let’s just chill! It only takes a few minutes to drink a coffee (or tea or hot chocolate if that’s your jam!) so why not enjoy every bit of it. Sit, smell it, taste it and feel the warmth. Aaaaaah…

5. Hug someone!

I love this one! Next time you’re racing around shouting orders at the kids or fleeting around the house like all kinds of crazy, stop for a minute and hug someone. Not just the usual hug/embrace to greet someone, but really hug someone. Close your eyes, take a breath in and out. Feel the love and the warmth and happy vibes from the other person. Unless they’re trying to get away then respect their wishes!

It’s ok if you get distracted while you do these things. You’re not in trouble if your mind goes to a gazillion places while you sip your cuppa! Just practice gently bringing your mind back to what you’re doing, as many times as you need. See if it helps you feel more grounded and bring some happy back into your day. Or try this Mindfulness Meditation or Anti-Stress Yoga to feel some calm.


Katie x

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