Plank Challenge – 10 Days to Core Strength


Full Plank Free Spirited Sisters

Are you ready for a challenge? Can you spare 1-2 minutes a day for the next 10 days to plank like a pro and increase your core strength? If you’re struggling to fit in structured exercise, then this could be your saviour. Sometimes small steps can make a difference and spur you on to make bigger changes. So who’s with me?! Read on for descriptions and pictures of each exercise and a 10 day plank challenge graphic.

Why do we plank?

Plank is such a good overall exercise. It’s relatively easy to master and can be done just about anywhere. It builds strength in your core muscles, shoulders, neck, back and chest, which leads to improving your posture and balance. It sparks your metabolism and builds your endurance as you hold the static position.

How can I fit it in?

This challenge starts with 1 minute on the first day and works up to 2 minutes by Day 10. You can fit it in! You could do it first thing in the morning when you get out of bed and really get your blood pumping for the day ahead. Or set an alert on your phone to remind you during the day and then drop it like it’s hot right then and there…no excuses!

The exercises

There are 3 variations of plank for this challenge:

Full plank

Full Plank Free Spirited SistersGet into a push-up position with your hands directly under your shoulders.

With toes to the floor, engage your glutes and leg muscles.

Engage your core by pulling your belly button up towards your spine.

Keep your back in a straight line from head to toe, with your spine and neck soft.



Elbow plank

Elbow Plank Free Spirited SistersSame as full plank but with your elbows on the floor and shoulders over elbows.

Your arms should be bent with your weight rested on your forearms.

Try not to let your bottom rise up or dip too far down.




Side plank (alternate sides)

Right Side Plank Free Spirited Sisters

Lie on your side with your legs stacked.

Prop yourself up on your hand or elbow.

If you can, raise your other hand up so your arm is outstretched.


10 Day Plank Challenge Free Spirited Sisters


You can do this!

I believe in you! Get a friend or your partner on board to do the challenge with you. You will be feeling stronger and standing up a bit taller by the end of it. Check in on our social pages or in the comments section below and let me know how you’re going!


Katie x