Superfood Coffee?!

Superfood coffeeCoffee like a boss…

I’m a self-professed multi-tasker extraordinaire. I seek out things that do double, ok, even triple, duty. I want stuff that can do the stuff that other stuff is supposed to do. And my coffee is the perfect place to start. Who knew superfood coffee was a thing? I am (really) into superfoods (check out this post for more info) and supplements that allow me to function beyond full capacity. I also really like coffee…a lot. And now I, no joke, go to sleep thinking about that first cup of superfood coffee at 5:00 am (yup, I’m an early bird).

Super up that cup o’ Joe…with a fork?

I was watching Leaf TV’s, “Wake up With…” series with Sydne Summer, and she mentioned superfood coffee and I about spat my (single function) coffee out of my mouth. I watched in awe as this amazing person mixed an interesting looking supplement into her morning coffee. I had to try it, even though I wondered at the time why she stirred it with a fork.

My new morning “drink”

I bought the delicious and mildly choc-mint flavored Hum Nutrition Raw Beauty (thank you Amazon Prime same day delivery, you dangerous, alluring beast!) and added it into my heretofore barely useful coffee and started a new love affair. The next morning I also added one of my favorite adaptogens, the super energizing Macca. Then (it’s getting out of control now!), I read about Noni fruit and had to test its daily benefits too. Folks, these were the little powders I would usually add to smoothies…when I would make them, which wasn’t every day. Coffee, on the other hand, I have every. single. day. Coffee – check. Superfoods – check. Adaptogens up the whazoo – check. And that’s how my superfood coffee became known as my “morning drink”, as it no longer really resembled coffee, and was definitely a little thicker. Aaaand, that’s how my teeny, tiny whisk (like this one) got more play time than it ever has before. And I now understand the fork.

Energy and stress handling skills for days

All joking aside, I love my “morning drink”. It’s become a little self-care ritual and I have so much more energy than when I just have coffee. The added bonus; I am so much better at handling the stress of juggling an incredibly busy life and my skin is glowing! Multitasking win! I have even turned some of my friends on to the practice. So, have a go! Start with one add-in and see what you think and more importantly, how you feel.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

Love, Claire.


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