teacup and flowers

Glow review: Light Fusion Photo Facial at Revive Skin Emporium

My birthday was last week and a few days prior, I thought about what I wanted to do. I could let it pass without any thought and mutter ‘oh it’s just another year’ or I can make it a day filled with all the things that light me up! Why ...
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Chakra balancing meditation

11 minute chakra balancing meditation – get aligned

We love us some meditation! This chakra balancing meditation is a beautiful way to balance energy within the body and help you feel aligned throughout your day. We always feel much more balanced and just generally happier when we meditate regularly. But, we also understand that some people are hesitant ...
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Fave Find – Dear Universe: 200 Mini-Meditations for Instant Manifestations by Sarah Prout

This Fave Find is a little bit different as the book I’m referring to, Dear Universe: 200 Mini-Meditations for Instant Manifestations, hasn’t been released yet! But the free digital sample has. I’m so in love with it already and CAN NOT wait until my book arrives. So here’s a little ...
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Cauliflower pizza bases

If you’re trying to get more plants into your life (and we all should be!) then these cauliflower pizza bases are for you. They are also gluten and oil free. We have a lot of Friday pizza nights with friends. It was about time we gave the cauliflower bases a try ...
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Blue rope on deck

Benefits of a strong core – it’s not all about the booty!

The booty has had a lot of attention lately as the thing to build up and bust out! But let’s not forget about our core! There are so many benefits of having a strong core and loads of exercises you can do to get it stronger. And it doesn’t take ...
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Ayurveda sauce

Spicy almond butter sauce

Ok so this Spicy almond butter sauce has now become my ‘on everything’ sauce! I have it on roasted veggies, brown rice and my husband even has it drizzled over his steak! It has an almond butter base and lots of spices that give it a real kick. The ancient ...
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simple wellness tips

Simple wellness tips – keep that new year momentum going!

We’ve reached February and some of that “it’s a brand new year, brand new start” energy may be starting to wane. How about some simple wellness tips to keep that healthy glow going strong, with just a few simple additions to your routine? Go on, you’re worth it! Drink more ...
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Ayurvedic meal


After reading up quite a bit on Ayurveda and it’s principles (you can read more about Ayurveda here), I stumbled across lots of recipes for Kitchari. It’s a traditional recipe that is very nourishing, easy to digest and perfect for those times you just want a reset and give your ...
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fitness challenge

10-day fitness challenge roundup

You might have noticed we love a good challenge here at Free Spirited Sisters. It’s character building! Especially a fitness related one! So we’ve done a little round up of our 10-day Fitness Challenges and put them all in one place. They’re easy and convenient to fit into your day, ...
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Butternut Squash Gnocchi

Butternut Squash Gnocchi

I often get our groceries delivered, which is an incredible blessing in our busy lives. But sometimes that means I don’t get exactly what we ordered. Sometimes I choose the wrong size item – it has become a bit of a joke that I, ahem, “sometimes” ordered tiny sized items ...
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